Mr Grundy

County Museum

On the 22nd of May we had the chance to go to the Museum again. This time we were going to look at some banners that organisations and clubs used to use in the old days. Pauline from the Museum invited us down to see all the colourful banners. 

Then we were to paint a banner for our school. We had all painted designs that we thought showed what we do in school and Mr. Grundy had brought them to the museum. On the 22nd we went down and an artist, Brenda O'Reilly Hughes, had put all our symbols and designs onto a huge banner. We spent from half nine until one o'clock painting it. It looks brilliant. Everyone had a chance to paint and so we all helped to colour it. Mr. MacCinna says it looks so well he wants to hang it up on a wall in school so everyone can see it. 

While we were waiting for one bit to dry we asked Pauline would she like to come to our musical and she said she wasn't sure so we sang her some songs to convince her. She said she'd come. 

When we were finished painting it Brenda and Pauline asked us if we were proud of ourselves and we all said 'yes' because we knew we had done a good job. If you visit our school you'll be able to see it. 

Our Maynooth Visitors. 

Before our friends came to visit us we had a meeting and decided we should all bring in some buns or biscuits and some drinks. We wanted to show the Maynooth boys how to play handball. We tried to think how we could tell them about Monaghan and then we had the idea of bringing them to the museum.

When they arrived they had their teacher, Ms. Tierney, their headmaster, Mr. Coakley and their SNA, Paula with them. We lined up on the hill to welcome them. We showed them around our school and brought them to see our class. We gave them buns and drinks then headed to the Museum. We had great fun there. Pauline gave us a talk on the Museum, Harry's grandad used to live there! After that we did a treasure hunt in the exhibition. That was great fun and it was hard to find everything. 

We came back to the school for a delicious lunch. Then up to the PE hall to show the boys how to play handball. They were amazed by it. Mr. Grundy told us that the Maynooth boys all asked their principal, Mr. Coakley,  if they could have a one wall handball court in their school. After that we went up to the pitch for two super games of football. 

After the football it was time to go. We had all made a postcard of Monaghan as a gift for our friend. It was sad when they were leaving but we've promised to keep writing until the end of June.