Ms. Coleman's Class

Welcome to Ms Coleman's Class .  We have seven pupils  ( three girls and four boys ) in Junior and Senior Infants.

This is a photo of us  at school in September.   

Some of the art work from Ms McElvaneys and Ms Coleman's Classes  for Halloween !This is a bonfire we made using  colours . red yellow, black and white. We loved mixing the paint for the flames with our fingers and  splashing the paint for the sparks.              

See our cats and bats . We loved adding the glitter !!                                                                           We used chalk to draw these skeletons on black paper.                                   
THis is Winnie the witch on her broom stick . We LOVE Winnie the witch stories.

Ms Mc Elvaney made chocolate witches (apples) for halloween.


 Boo !!  we dressed up for Halloween !!

We played Halloween Games  like ducking for the apple ! and 'apple on a string' Teacher played these games when she was young.


Playing in the Homecorner.  Look at our washing machine !!

Playing  with the playdough and measuring !!

We are learning in Junior Infants to write the number 2.We have made the number 2 with playdough and we have traced it in the sand and with 'shaving foam' .

To make the number two - Start at the top , go around , down to the corner and straight back . 
Senior infants are learning number stories - they wrote the story of 5