Aims of Homework

1. To reinforce work or skills taught in class.

2. To enable your son to do research and work independently.

3. To allow an opportunity to complete work begun in class.

4. To learn how to organise and use his free time.

5. To develop a habit of work.

6. To develop a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline.

Parents and Guardians:

1. To be informed about how your son is learning in St. Mary's and how he is coping.

2. To encourage communication between you and your child.


1. To assess how your son is progressing.

2. To provide an opportunity for the application of lessons taught at school.

3. To develop communication between school and home.



Homework - Advice for Parents

1. Set aside a regular time for homework each day early in the evening, ensure there are no distractions.

2. Your son should sit comfortably at a table where lighting is adequate.

3. Homework usually includes reading, oral and written work. Oral work has equal importance to written work. Listen to your son reading and reciting his comhrá, ask him tables, spellings, poems etc.

4. Show an interest in what is being done and praise your son at every opportunity. If asked for help, suggest solutions to guide him. Do not do the homework for him!

5. Check that all homework is completed by checking the homework journal.

6. Encourage your son to attempt a task even if he believes it is difficult.

7. If your son is consistently having difficulty with homework please contact his teacher.

8. If, for any reason homework cannot be completed, let the teacher know why by writing a note in the homework journal.

9. Please sign homework journal each night.

10. Encourage your son to do extra reading each night after his homework, reading for pleasure (e.g. read library books).