Reading at Home

Your Son and Reading

1. Reading is an essential skill for life.

2. Your son should have the opportunity to read daily.

Tips for Helping With Reading

Make Time For Reading - Turn off and Tune in

Research shows that boys spend an increasing amount of their free time using electronic devices (e.g. televisions, games consoles, mobile phones, DVD players, MP3 players, computers). A special effort is needed to change these habits to set aside time for reading.

Allow your son to choose the book Book choice is a strong motivator for readers young and old. Allow your son to pick out books at the local library or bookshop. Monaghan Branch library has an extensive selection of books, membership is free for chil- dren.

Make Books Important Ask your son to talk about the book he is reading and take an interest in what he reads. Set Goals and Reward Reading Reward reading with more reading. Go to the library or bookshop for the next book in your son’s favourite series. Set an Example Make time for your own reading. Read a newspaper at home, pick up a magazine in a waiting room. Show that reading is an enjoyable activity.

Homework Reading

Promoting reading at home is the most important way to help your son with his education.

When your son reads aloud for his homework, ask him questions about the piece to check that he understands what he has read.

Use dictionaries together to check the meanings of new words and to develop vocabulary.