Cool Colin June 2013

Actors Announced

Congratulations to the boys who were recently offered their parts in this year's show. We had a very tough audition  process and 20 boys have now been offered 'main parts', however with over 70 speaking parts in the show there are still plenty of roles to be filled.  

The boys selected are; Brian McAteer- 100 year old headmaster, Conor Brady- Elvis, Conor McCrystal- Hank, Darragh Maguire- Evil Henchman, David Kavanagh- Nigel, David Reay- Seán Óg, Dylan Maguire- Brad, Eoghan Keenan- Mr. Dunne, Evan Meighan- Bob Diesel, Jamie Hamill- Claíomh, Lorcan O'Rourke- Charles Nexus, Mantas Lukosevicius- Mr. Cross, Morgan Murphy- Setanta, Nevin Fowler- Aonghus, Oisín McElwaine- Oscar, Sean Conway- Cool Colin, Shane Gavan-Rap Boy, Shane McGuinness- Evil Henchman, Tristan Moyna- Evil Henchman,

The boys worked very hard on their audition pieces and will be getting their drafts of the script soon. Then the real fun begins! 


Cool Colin Logo Competition - We have a winner!

Thanks to all the boys who took part in the recent 'Logo Competition'. The winner was Lorcan O'Rourke from Sixth Class. Lorcan's design will be used on all the posters, scripts and tickets for our show. Well done. 




Cool Colin 2013

This year's musical will be called Cool Colin and it tells the story of two boys from St. Gubnait's school who play in a county hurling final and then end up travelling back in time and  getting hurling lessons from Setanta. The boys have an exciting time being attacked by a fierce hound and playing a hurling match live on stage. 

The show itself will run from  June 12th - 14th. 

Attack of the Nemgob

Below is an article from the 'Northern Standard' about last year's show. We are grateful to receive such great coverage in our local paper and also for the lovely review. 


Attack of The Nemgob

It is four years since St. Mary’s Boys’ School presented their first musical, “Ask Bernard”. Since then a strong tradition of top class drama has steadly been built up. Each year the shows in the Boys' School have grown and improved culminating in this year's “Attack of the Nemgob”.

“Attack of the Nemgob”, written by teachers Seamus Grundy and Patricia Casey, brings back the very funny and lively Nemgob from “Ask Bernard”. This time they’re led by the fierce and funny Osla Erup Gob. Their mission is to enslave the people of Earth.

The Big Chief (wonderfully played by Ryan McKenna) is in charge of defending us all. His assistant John ( the brilliant Luke Brennan) is the brains of the whole operation and suggests getting a genius called Dexter O’Shea to help. Dexter (a charismatic Ryan Aughey) is an Elvis lookalike and after trying to get Brainy boys and Athletic boys to help him realises that he really needs the Looney Lads to help save the planet.

These four young actors, Colin Peppard, Thomas Croarkin, Adam O’Neill and Sean Conway were hilarious from the moment they arrived on stage. Their timing and wit was incredible to watch and would shame many a more experienced actor. Amazingly, these young men also wrote a lot of their own lines.

As well as the Looney Lads the Big Chief gets help from some scientists. These have spent billions of euro inventing a robot that only makes tea. They brought loud cheers and applause from the audience with their wit, singing and dancing. These very talented boys made their own very colourful costumes. Professor Bog Squabbler (Niall Crawley) and Dr. Fud Dumpton (Lorcan O’Rourke) were terrific as two totally out of control researchers.

By the time the Nemgob arrive onto the stage we knew we were in for a treat and they didn’t disappoint. They were led out on stage by Kcirtap (well played by Patrick McCarron) and Enahs (a great young actor, Shane Murtagh) and these two spent a lot of time trying to put manners on Noirb (a truly hilarious Brion McArdle). It can only be a matter of time before we see Brion release a fitness video.

The leader of the Nemgob was a very good actor Shane McCabe who played Osla Erup Gob. His role required him to remain straight faced while chaos was erupting all around him and he did it perfectly, but I don’t know how he managed not to smile.

In addition to all of the talent already mentioned we had a magnificent chorus of nearly sixty boys. These were the fifth classes and as well as singing all the songs they had the job or writing them as well. The songs were terrific and very well sung by the chorus. The band on the nights of the show was made up of boys from Fifth and Sixth class. The band leader was Shaun Monahan and he was supported by Mark Maguire, Cillian McAdam and Stephen Ward on guitars and ukuleles and Daire Martin on drums and percussion. Daire was joined by Oisin Fagan on percussion for one song.

The whole night was great fun from start to finish and the acting, singing, sets and costumes would not have been out of place in the West End.

The audience could only imagine how much work and preparation the teachers, SNAs and pupils had put into creating such a spectacle.

School principal Mr. McCinna expressed it well when he said, “the creativity, cooperation and teamwork involved in this original production typifies the spirit of the school community in St. Mary’s. Staff and pupils have worked together in harmony to create a show they can feel proud of.”

So say all of us. Well done boys!




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