5th Class

Copper Mountain. 

The boys in both classes decided to have a competition to see who could build the highest copper mountain. Each boy brought in copper coins from home and then three boys in each class were elected to try to build the highest pile. In Mrs. McGinn's class Vlad, Evan and Benas while in Mr. Grundy's class Sergejs, Jakub Fryzlewicz and Jakub Szkup. 

Both sets of builders set to work in their own classes, secrecy was very important as neither class wanted the other to know what design they were using. There were lots of disappointments as each team would try a design only to have it collapse at the last moment. 

In the end the team from Mrs. McGinn's class reached an amazing height of 38cm while the boys from Mr. Grundy's class reached an impressive 21cm. The secret, according to Vlad, Evan and Benas, is all in the design. The winning team got to keep the copper from both classes. Not content with just winning the competition Vlad, Evan and Benas continued their tower using Mr. Grundy's class' copper and reached a (almost literally!) staggering 66cms. 

Well done boys. The money raised will be counted and then half will go to a local charity and the other half will be used to buy a treat for the winning class. The whole competititon came from the boys and they deserve full credit for seeing it through to completion. 

Would you like to guess how much money there is in the pile? 

Mr. Grundy's Class:

Our Maynooth Visitors. 

Before our friends came to visit us we had a meeting and decided we should all bring in some buns or biscuits and some drinks. We wanted to show the Maynooth boys how to play handball. We tried to think how we could tell them about Monaghan and then we had the idea of bringing them to the museum.

When they arrived they had their teacher, Ms. Tierney, their headmaster, Mr. Coakley and their SNA, Paula with them. We lined up on the hill to welcome them. We showed them around our school and brought them to see our class. We gave them buns and drinks then headed to the Museum. We had great fun there. Pauline gave us a talk on the Museum, Harry's grandad used to live there! After that we did a treasure hunt in the exhibition. That was great fun and it was hard to find everything. 

We came back to the school for a delicious lunch. Then up to the PE hall to show the boys how to play handball. They were amazed by it. Mr. Grundy told us that the Maynooth boys all asked their principal, Mr. Coakley,  if they could have a one wall handball court in their school. After that we went up to the pitch for two super games of football. 

After the football it was time to go. We had all made a postcard of Monaghan as a gift for our friend. It was sad when they were leaving but we've promised to keep writing until the end of June. 

Mid-Term Break 

We have had a busy two months getting to know each other and making new friends. Some of us were in Mrs. McCinna's class last year and some of us were in Mrs. Ward's class. We also had to get to know Mr. Grundy our new teacher. 

We said goodbye to our very good friend Shuraim. He has moved to Portlaoise and we all miss him because he was so funny and friendly. We hope he's happy in his new school. 

We are all getting good at our tables and every week we compete against Mrs. McGinn's class to see who wins the 'Texas Stand-Off'. So far each class has won it a few times so we are very evenly matched. 

We have had two competitions on Sumdog. This is a website which allows us to play games while we practise our Maths. If we win a competition we get a 'Homework Pass'. We like getting these. 

Every day at 9:50am we have 'ten at ten to ten' or D.E.A.R time. This means 'drop everything and read'. We all, even teacher, stop what we are doing and read for ten minutes. It's a very relaxing time and we are getting a chance to catch up on our favourite authors. When we finish a book we write a review and leave it in the book so the next boy to pick up the book will know what we liked about it. 

We've been writing to a school in Kildare. We are paired with boys in a Fifth Class in Maynooth School and we write to them and they write back. it is good fun learning about a different school and boys in different parts of the country. So far we've discovered that we wear the same uniform and that our teacher used to teach some of their brothers and uncles. 

We have been busy doing sports. Eoghan and Jakub went to the World Handball Championships and Eoghan won a Gold medal and a Silver medal. Jakub won a Silver medal. We were all delighted when they brought in their medals and we could see them. Now lots of boys are going to take up handball. 

Terence, Conor, Eoghan and Niall were on the panel for our school's gaelic team. We got to the County Final but were beaten by a very good 'Blaney team. Lots of mums and dads came to watch and loads of teachers were cheering! 

Eoghan was in a Leinster swimming competion in the National Aquatic Centre. He came third even though he was competing against boys who were15! 

We did a big project where we all had to make something. We made cakes, models, birdhouses, fishing rods and so many different things. We put all our projects on display in the PE hall and the whole school came to see them. Some parents came as well. 

This week we are starting Swimming lessons. We are going to the Museum on Wednesday to see about Monaghan in the old days! and then we have our well earned break. Many of us are going on a 'Zombie Walk' in town on the 28th. 





Ms. Mc Ginn's Class: