Choir Sing in the RDS

15/12/2011 09:16

We left the school at midday, forty boys and five teachers. On the bus we watched a DVD of 'The A-Team'. We got to Dublin shortly after 2pm. When we got to the RDS we all visited the toilets then went 'backstage' chatting and looking around. At half 2 we went to our places to rehearse. The conductor was Gearoid Grant and he was a 'bit mad' running all over the place. The rehearsals were tough and some of the schools were talking between songs, but not us! From 5:30pm until 6:00 we had a break and a rest. We were called in and got into our places. The doors opened and we could see the audience coming in and we got a bit nervous, it took ten minutes for the audience to fill the seats.

One of the organisers was called Dan and everytime we saw him the choir had to shout, "Dan we love your scarf". The show itself was brilliant. There were 3500 in the choir and looking around was amazing. 

Some of our parents who were at the show said it was amazing. We got the bus home and arrived at the school after 11:25pm. We had been away for a whole day. It was so exciting, amazing and extraordinary. We would definitely love to do it again next year. 

Thank you Ms. Deeney for all your hard work. It was worth giving up lunch breaks to be part of such an amazing day! 

by Ben, Corey and Shane